Teebaumöl Gegen Akne Is The Solution To Acne


Teebaumöl gegen AkneOnce must know certain things prior to resorting to Teebaumöl gegen Akne.  One doesn’t have to do a research on the same but browsing on the net should be sufficient. After all its our skin we are talking about.


It is known to all that dead skin, oil and bacteria causes acne and one must hence keep skin clean all the time. It is tough to get rid of even one cause as one is susceptible to all 3 of the above.


Teebaumöl gegen Akne is antifungal and bacterial too as it kills both fungi and skin harming bacteria as it has terpense.

Teebaumöl gegen Akne

Your acne will vanish in a few days thanks to Teebaumöl gegen Pickel. Acne is the beginning of pimples and if treated early can avoid bumps altogether. .You will even prevent ugly whiteheads. These form when pores are not so clean and filled with bacteria.Thus, even before you use tea tree oil, keep the skin free from dirt and half your problems will be solved.



Acne may make your skin more susceptible to oil as well as dirt and hence make it worse than it actually is.


You may get horrible blackheads that get filled with all sorts of dirt particles due to acne prone skin.. Thus Teebaumöl gegen Pickel is the best way to treat acne in oily skin.


One must never ingest this oil and risk anything fatal as its not for internal use at all.


Do not confuse with tea oil either as that is completely different from tea tree oil.

Teebaumöl gegen Pickel

If your skin is allergy prone then don’t use direct tea tree oil. Dilute the same in 1:9 oil and water to remove any risks at all.

Once you clean your skin it will be time for you to apply tea tree oil and then apply cream or moisturizer as usual